Weekly photo challenge- (Urban)

  The streets of Kolkata still bear tendrils of the times that have passed. The fight for independence, the riots then and later, the pursuit of knowledge, the carelessness towards appearance. All I am missing here is the food, but that has been on this blog before. I was not born there and have not…

My fair ladies..

My fair ladies..

They meet everyday at the neighborhood park near my home in Delhi. This is my favorite ‘People’ snap from Delhi.

Stick insects in the dark

Stick insects in the dark

Mating stick insects. I am not sure what the bulbous growth on the female reflects, aging or disease.. Does anyone know? Not a very clear image.. but hey… they have rights to some privacy.

Supporting the Taj

Supporting the Taj

The Taj Mahal has several red sandstone buildings on two sides. They are the mausoleums of his other wives, as Mumtaz Mahal and Shah Jahan were buried in the main, white marble tomb. A mosque and a darwaza (gateway) protect and lead to the Taj from the sides. Its towers are angled to fall away from the main tomb, in case of an earthquake. Built in 17th century and destined to remain unparalleled.

When fear reigns, what does it rule?

Most people, including yours truly, enjoy horror movies or books. Even though, like comedy, horror is a hard genre to work with and has the highest possibility of finding absolutely no takers in the audience. Then again, there are some formulae that work time and time again, if you get my meaning vampirely. I am…

Weekly photo challenge: (Merge)

In Delhi and possibly other places in India, several small time tailors sit under trees and mend clothes, sew drapes and alter pants for very cheap. Sitting amidst traffic, this guy’s sewing machine looked out of place to me, back in January when I was in India. It is amazing how I never noticed these…

Independence and freedom, spirit and body

The photo is not from today, I just remembered their freedom. Maybe one day my country will really be free. In the meanwhile, maybe some people will really be interested in science, even if they don’t want to read what I wrote 😛 I am a free lance science writer, and from the little experience…

Blood flow in mammals and the heart of atherosclerosis

And because we cannot escape physics.. Flowing fluids are what keep us alive. Air flows all around us, water flows in rivers, blood flows in our arteries and veins. Until we are let down by our own genes or habits and suffer from diseases like hypertension or atherosclerosis, we don’t think about them. Then, we…

To the faithful

This was not a special day or occasion. There are lines like this everyday in this temple, outskirts of Kolkata, West Bengal. Famous for a the goddess Kali and her disciple RamKrishna, who is also widely worshipped as a holy man. Ramkrishna used to live here with another famous devotee of kali Sarada Devi.  Their…