Contrasting lives..

I remember with some fuzziness, the last time I went to a circus. The undercurrent of excitement is only a few layers deeper, but quite a-live and I was very keen on going again. A circus was in our small town for two days! A big crowd of people, with their kids, surrounded us as…

Weekly Photo Challenge- Solitary

  This again, is an awesome theme. Solitary means so much more than alone. It means to be alone with your thoughts, alone in a crowd, alone on a street, and isolated in your mind. In a cage, you are solitary by force. In death, or in sleep and prayer you are solitary in nature….

What I found in Florida

So instead of the normal trip report or overview, I want to do something different. It has been too long to remember the details and who cares if I did see or do what everybody sees and does in Florida. I want to address what I thought I would not see and feel in that…

Weekly Photo Challenge- Everyday life

Everyday lives of people are so different, in different places and different situations. I loved the huge amount of possibilities this weeks photo challenge offers. There are so many other visuals I probably have. Everyday life, after all, is what we mostly live.

The organic nature of being human

I thought I had an eye infection, as my eyes had been red and their vision had been blurry for about a week. Decided to look into a mirror (anything to avoid a doctor’s appointment, or in this case advance one already scheduled for the last week of Sept). As I rolled the iris down…

Manicou -Land crab

Manicou -Land crab

In Trinidad.. I had no idea there were land crabs, but these are quite common in TNT and climb trees and hill sides in a sideways motion that is quite interesting and surprisingly fast.. They are not found everywhere 🙂
I am not sure if it was I or my husband that took the photo..

In the wake of germophobia: the use and misuse of antibacterial agents

Hand sanitizers and antibacterial hand soaps gained overnight fame, any starlet would covet, after the swine flu epidemic. The most common active ingredient found in the house hold soap bar or hand-wash is Triclosan (TCS), has been in use for over 40 yrs and is the perpetrator behind the claim of 99.9% effectiveness in killing…

Florida: Keys to my heart

This weekend was spent in gorgeous Florida. The everglades, Miami and the sunsets.. Hopefully will have a trip story shortly, these photos should tell you some till then..