Month: August 2014

Iquitos, Peru: of motokars, art; close, yet far to the jungle

Slugs, Frogs, caterpillars and a dark prince (snake)


  When I get bored I look at a few bird photos I took in nice places. These two above are from Tobago..

What does it feel like to be right?

Doing the right thing should feel different, even if belatedly, than doing the wrong thing. What if we can’t tell the difference. The lines blur the more you focus. And then, there are times when we think we are doing the right thing while…

Portraits- ribereños

Some more shots from the amazonian villages.. These people warm my heart and soul and showed me I have both. Really really.. Ribereños are the people living along the river (amazon and its various tributaries and rivers that join to make the amazon).