Implicit self art

Over the many years I have traveled as a photographer and writer, I still felt there was more each photo I took and each story I lived, had within it. I have always been drawn to art and it was apparently my favorite form of “playtime” as a child. I had little supervision during that time and as a young child I always used it to draw. It was rarely appreciated (that has not changed much!).

However, I grew up without needing much appreciation, but always looking for a true purpose that binds my soul. I am definitely scientifically inclined in everything I do and the impact (irrespective of size) I make is as important to me as the ground I make it in. I find myself today with my treasured photos and acrylic paints, recently acquired soft oil pastels color pencils drawing out my passions in every color. Being in Bartlesville with limited social activities and flexible work schedule, somehow I went back to my old love and new grounds. Now I have many paintings of nature, birds, flowers and a few portraits: all inspired by my original photographs and I feel this is how my photos teach me more, I see every feather, ever indentation in the bill of a wild bird I shot, every swirl in a petal and its complex colors and relive the beauty of the moment and the story.

Find my art works under Portfolio and contact me if they speak to you at

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