Hummingbirds are my favorite..

A few days back, I finally realized why I like photography. That is because I have always liked hidden meanings, treasure hunting, surprises and really seeing things, as opposed to looking at them. Photos provide me with all of that and more.. I often find photos I didn’t know i had taken, or things, expressions,people and other beings in the photo I hadn’t noticed as I was taking a photo. I look for the details of a pattern on a bird or an insects wing and its antennae and facial hair:) So to me, my camera’s memory is a treasure trove.

I am still an amateur, most of my settings are made on the fly and I almost never remember what was best for which type of shot. I do not want to provide any suggestions as those who really interested will find real professional suggestions in classes. Or in the wonderful blog of Leanne Cole. I do differ in some aspects from some photographers. Even when I am taking a photo of a bird, I am always looking for a story. This is especially true for any people portraits, which I shoot often these days or landscapes if and when I take them . I don’t take a shot or the perfect shot or a difficult shot. I take a moment of a story with as much of the story as I can, imprinted in it.

I use GIMP for watermarking and for any raw images I edit ( there is a separate program for that by GIMP called UFRAW). I also use the editing options in “photos” in my Mac. It is much easier to use and faster as in both cases I am most likely to use the ‘Levels’ (found under Advanced, in the photo editing menu in the Photos app and in GIMP or photoshop), and change how much of RBG I want in my photo. Sometimes when exposure is the main issue, I believe UFRAW is superior choice, I have also had some success changing gamma or linearity levels. I am sticking to no plan to buy/subscribe photoshop. I continue to work on my photo taking technique and spotting the right subject prowess. 

My camera is a Canon 6D. The images are far sharper than the 7D and I love the camera and the lens. All photos post 2014 are taken on the 6D.  The lens could be the L, 100-400mm or a macro 100mm I use rarely (for objects only). I still use the L 300-700 often.

I am still strange enough to believe that the settings don’t make a photograph, but then, I never said I wasn’t strange.

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  1. It’s rare to see an immobile hummingbird waiting for us to take a picture 🙂 I love hearing the clicking sounds they make.

    1. That is so true! Other than in Trinidad, I have not seen them sitting around too much. And definitely almost never so close!

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