Trials of entrails

Trials of entrails

I told you my stories
You told me tall tales
Snakes make a slitheries
Because they have scales
Utterly sincere your humanity is 
In my case, it fails
I accept your power
I detest your entrails 
No offense to snakes, your grace
They’ve kindness in their tails. 

In my labyrinthine valleys
You had an enemy you couldn't face
The golden skin and pleading eyes
May they always haunt your space
The fear that led men to their death clinging to cold wings
May it burn like sulphur,  may it leave me without trace.

To every woman we let down
Your dreams, your freedom, your future were mine, and now I must share your disgrace.
Ishita Das. Aug 2021

It’s been an abominably long time since I posted anything on the blog..But, no, I have poems. And I should post them. This one is for the shameful exit of the US from Afghanistan. A graceful exit, admitting defeat and perhaps really working towards ensuring governance would have been something to be relatively proud of. Instead it was left to the flimsy government to make shadowy deals of surrender to reduce bloodshed, which is what they did.. I don’t think there will be a question of women’s rights arising from the region in my life time. Patriarchy is entrenched everywhere, and every woman deals with it or lives with it or perhaps sometimes even enables it (we all know such women, who say “every one has to compromise”, and mean you woman, you have to). Its not something the Taliban came up with. But it is something they look up to . That is the difference. The girls’ robotics group (saved by a woman from Oklahoma with 11 children who is definitely a pro life lady), the many journalists and judges who managed to escape. Scores remaining, what hope do we offer them in this divided, islamophobic world against refugees. The refugees their governments created, uprooted and shattered every hope of a normal life. The young men we will forever remember who fell back to the ground of their country, betraying impenetrable fear and indefatigable hope. It was sad without fathom. It was hope without credence. I pity the US soldiers who witnessed it in reality. Not the ones who died trying to live.

2 Comments on “Trials of entrails

  1. I feel very word woman is to be changed, it should be heman and she man, it definitely would make women in the world to feel themselves as the independent and confident entity. In human society or in the history of civilization two groups ie the exploiter and exploited always existed, in whichever form it may be, and every favour in whichever form it is, has a demand in return ,it is an untold or frequently spelt contract between the benefactor and beneffited. A balance is essential to keep amity. In a patriarchal society the man is the head of the family and has every right to demand and, his demands has to be met with but the desire of a woman Is to be respected,within the economic, physical and emotional limitations. In matriarchal society the same privilege goes to the women and is enjoyed the same way. Where is the equality? We need a social system that accepts individual opinion and indepence of whether to abide with that or not. Each one can express what he or she thinks as right and benevolent for the family without expecting an obidience or forcing that.on others Difference in opinion needs no justification if not asked for and addressing to that should be optional.The confidence in ones own righteousness itself stops one to be judgemental and come out with complaints against each other .Every family should have its own norms to decide what is a family and it needs each one to introspect his/her own role in it.

    Some thoughts shared.

    • I am not aware of a family where anyone talks about anything.. definitely not the case with my family, as you know. Someone should have told my father that he doesn’t know everything (or anything about treating other people respectfully) and NO ONE should have been talking down to my mother. But while you did have a chance to do the first and not do the second, I don’t believe you took it or will take it even now. So changing society while not changing oneself is a rather strange concept. I don’t think we have any similarity in our way of thinking, because it is assumed I take sides, when you and my father both forget, I don’t have to take sides because I was there. And as far as memory goes, I have a good one.

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