Claire Hale in a trial for dark feminism

I remember ending the last blog post I did on the House of Cards in the hope of Claire Underwood becoming the President (or the series becomes worthless). For combinatoric reasons (#Metoo related complete exit of Spacey and the scope for a better story) that did happen in season 6 (or is it 5). However, to me, the resounding hollowness of the previous seasons just  maintained their echoes. Despite quite a topical angle (autocratic, criminal-minded, unpopular and almost unqualified president) with a defiantly combative edge of feminism, sort of an oblique view on #Metoo used by people on the other end of the spectrum from the usual proponents:  powerful women, but still quite on point if it only had been braised right! But that was not to be… I am so glad there are only eight episodes of over-the-topness to get through. *** SPOILER ALERT*** I see this season doing real well with the right wingers, ultra right wings and

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