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Indians are alive

Just when I almost gave up. Although, that’s a terribly arrogant statement to make, who was I to give up anyway. What did I ever do. I grew up thinking the country belonged to everyone, people who didn’t think so were in a minority… Continue Reading “Indians are alive”


This are the words that came to me when the Indian government decided to do something for the benefit of Kashmiris by announcing they longer have a state, but now are under the central government with little or no say in their own governance(relegated… Continue Reading “Kashmir”

The case of the diplomat and her maid: diplomacy, exploitation or media fodder

When I first heard about the case of Devyani Khobragade, one minute a “respected” diplomat to the leading world power ( Deputy consular general, no less to begin with, and now promoted for increasing her immunity to prosecution)  in one of the most popular… Continue Reading “The case of the diplomat and her maid: diplomacy, exploitation or media fodder”

The life and luck of Che Guevara

I don’t foresee that I will be able to justify the title to any degree of completion, not because this is just a blog post and I am no historian, but because Che is way beyond my realm and it will take me years… Continue Reading “The life and luck of Che Guevara”