What Is and can be

People you have never met, can be portrayed a dire threat
Fleeing the war cries, they hear a voice, that can be yours, but its not clear
Or maybe it IS a drone, you let,
your votes sell, to pay a debt
If you looked at past letters, their lives can be, as yours Is.

Raven and the sun

On my trip to Whitehorse, Yukon territory, I found my likely spirit animal: the raven.. Actually ravens are hard to miss there, no wonder the first nations have them in many tales, they are symbolic of creativity and tricks. Bald eagles are symbolic of peace and friendship and we saw a few of them. But…

Feeling Safe in the unpredictable world of United States

  First a poem on this. It is not a good one but does gun toting require or inspire good poetry? Denial   Nothing ever charmed us more Than feeling safe   We send our sons and guns  ashore Then send our missiles, jets and drones To make it safe.   We crossed out  maps…

 Inspirational friends, mythical creatures and ID

To start on a high note, it is good to have friends. However, I do not like stretching high notes to breakpoints and I would like to point out that it may not always be good to have ‘some’ friends, especially if they are in your preferred social network site and make you wonder where…

Another unsuitable job for a woman…?

It may be because women are  more sensitive, or more prone to need extraneous approval for self esteem, but there certainly seems to be some types of work that make women prone to being depressed and suicidal. There are endless biological reasons related to hormones that make us more vulnerable at different periods of time.  …