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A time to relive through RUe (roux)

While there is a lot to think about Covid19 it self and write, both of which I am doing or have done, I won’t be writing much about it in this post. Today it’s time to rue the time we were in New Orleans… Continue Reading “A time to relive through RUe (roux)”

It’s the end of time

It’s the end of time I could go on, as beforeWords, or tags can hurt no moreWere they known, or something new?The blows and swings, in constant slew.. I touch my chest to feel the piecesAs night shrinks…the stinging easesWhat can’t break, then slowly… Continue Reading “It’s the end of time”

Dilli and Kolkata’s lesser known secrets.. famously hidden

What does an old city have ( and by old I mean at least one millenium) that can’t be beaten by claims of ‘modern technology’ made by a new one? And I agree with anyone who thinks that new cities have no right to… Continue Reading “Dilli and Kolkata’s lesser known secrets.. famously hidden”

The kind of people I like…

I have been accused ( and I might add correctly) of not liking enough people. Or any people. My dad routinely asked me to list the people I really liked, I think I always had real trouble after about 5 names. As I grew… Continue Reading “The kind of people I like…”

Up and about in Paris and London- Part3- Avignon, Provence

I knew that I would go to Provence, with the dreamy landscape that has inspired so many artists I admire, any time I went to France. Therefore, I spent a while looking for a suitable destination in Provence that we could see in about… Continue Reading “Up and about in Paris and London- Part3- Avignon, Provence”