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These narrow lanes….

Seeing yet another unfulfilled promise, this one about narrow streets, I decided to make good at least one. These streets have their own soul and maybe the only ones that do. I can’t watermark them. They would be the same even if I didn’t… Continue Reading “These narrow lanes….”

Dressing up betel leaves and more

Jhumpa Lahiri mentions betel leaves and a small stall that makes, them in her book: the Lowland. As usual, she can just touch a cord and strike a tune in my brain. It reawakened a familiar image in my mind, similar to the photo… Continue Reading “Dressing up betel leaves and more”

Dilli and Kolkata’s lesser known secrets.. famously hidden

What does an old city have ( and by old I mean at least one millenium) that can’t be beaten by claims of ‘modern technology’ made by a new one? And I agree with anyone who thinks that new cities have no right to… Continue Reading “Dilli and Kolkata’s lesser known secrets.. famously hidden”