Our lives – Connected

“Connected.” These photos are from India, one from Delhi and the other two from Kolkata. I think in India, people connect to sellers differently. The relationship, however short lived, is much more personal (whether you want it or not), especially in all those little shack shops in every corner in every neighborhood, that sells snacks,…

My city.. is old and new and in between

My city is old and new and in between In it, I am found and lost and never seen The colors are cries and the darkness sorrow Yet we all still hope for a ‘morrow You must go if you’ve never been See for yourself, its beauty sheen. We hide it well, its in our…

These narrow lanes….

Seeing yet another unfulfilled promise, this one about narrow streets, I decided to make good at least one. These streets have their own soul and maybe the only ones that do. I can’t watermark them. They would be the same even if I didn’t see them at that moment of time. A world unto themselves.

Dressing up betel leaves and more

Jhumpa Lahiri mentions betel leaves and a small stall that makes, them in her book: the Lowland. As usual, she can just touch a cord and strike a tune in my brain. It reawakened a familiar image in my mind, similar to the photo above although this photo is of a stall I have only…

The leaders of anarchy? Aam Admi Party is in fact too aam ( common)

I believe that Mr. Kejriwal was being honest when he said he didn’t know what it means to be an anarchist. He really doesn’t, because if he did he wouldn’t call himself one. It would require that he leaves the government, dissolves his party,  stops being a political leader.  I  believe some political scientists or…

Dilli and Kolkata’s lesser known secrets.. famously hidden

What does an old city have ( and by old I mean at least one millenium) that can’t be beaten by claims of ‘modern technology’ made by a new one? And I agree with anyone who thinks that new cities have no right to claim anything. Period. But even in the best case scenario, for…

My fair ladies..

My fair ladies..

They meet everyday at the neighborhood park near my home in Delhi. This is my favorite ‘People’ snap from Delhi.

Weekly photo challenge: (Merge)

In Delhi and possibly other places in India, several small time tailors sit under trees and mend clothes, sew drapes and alter pants for very cheap. Sitting amidst traffic, this guy’s sewing machine looked out of place to me, back in January when I was in India. It is amazing how I never noticed these…

Rows of fish

Rows of fish

The arrangement of fish for sale in the fish market in India

Fish market

Fish market

Displaying live crabs in the popular fish market in New Delhi, India.