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The leaders of anarchy? Aam Admi Party is in fact too aam ( common)

I believe that Mr. Kejriwal was being honest when he said he didn’t know what it means to be an anarchist. He really doesn’t, because if he did he wouldn’t call himself one. It would require that he leaves the government, dissolves his party,…

Capitalism and democracy, where there is compassion..

A lot of people believe that somehow capitalism and compassion do not go together. Also, capitalism and democracy. Some of these people are considered to be great thinkers of our time or history, others are my friends, yet others are no one in particular….

Growing up and electing a president

Politics and economics, two fields  mostly misunderstood and misrepresented and permanently shrouded in mystery for the average person. The very person most manipulated and affected by them, even as he or she either accepts ignorance, claims injustice or expresses disdain for one or both….

Only when its personal

The last time I started a blog was when a friend passed away, because of anaphylactic shock in reaction to eating a crab, mixed with being inebriated. This time, I had created my page a long time ago, spending hours on the photographs that…