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Lily pond

    These lilies are mainly all I photographed in my  last trip to India. A small digression: I took the train from Delhi to Kolkata (HIGHLY recommend: Rajdhani Delhi- Howrah AC 1st class over any flights). As we entered West Bengal I saw… Continue Reading “Lily pond”

To the faithful

This was not a special day or occasion. There are lines like this everyday in this temple, outskirts of Kolkata, West Bengal. Famous for a the goddess Kali and her disciple RamKrishna, who is also widely worshipped as a holy man. Ramkrishna used to… Continue Reading “To the faithful”

Only when its personal

The last time I started a blog was when a friend passed away, because of anaphylactic shock in reaction to eating a crab, mixed with being inebriated. This time, I had created my page a long time ago, spending hours on the photographs that… Continue Reading “Only when its personal”