To the faithful

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This was not a special day or occasion. There are lines like this everyday in this temple, outskirts of Kolkata, West Bengal. Famous for a the goddess Kali and her disciple RamKrishna, who is also widely worshipped as a holy man. Ramkrishna used to live here with another famous devotee of kali Sarada Devi.  Their teachings go beyond faith, into what people can and should believe in life and learn during their life time. They do teach complete and utter faith in God or Kali, self sacrifice and finally, breaking the shackles of  worldly pleasures and looking for your true self inside you and in God.

This temple is located on the banks of the Ganga river, also considered to be holy, hence people often visit the temple and take a bath or a dip in the river to complete their prayer ritual. Additionally, I saw a person covered in mud who had just taken a dip in the Ganga who would travel to the seat of the Goddess, rolling on the ground, not getting up on his feet even once, in the 5-6 m he had to cover that included several flights of stairs. It is hard not to be moved by so much devotion and love for God. Whatever your belief may be.

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