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The end of logic as we knew it: Nov 8 2016 anniversary special

I would be remiss if I didn’t write about what the anniversary means to me personally and try to project what I think it SHOULD mean to people of the two countries in the world I relate to tangibly. The projections may be utterly… Continue Reading “The end of logic as we knew it: Nov 8 2016 anniversary special”

When I caught their eyes: in situ portraits

Here are some of my old favorite shots of portraits ‘in situ’. A term I only learned today was actually official even in photography. We used to talk about in situ protein immunohistochemistry used to look at proteins as they occur in tissues (or… Continue Reading “When I caught their eyes: in situ portraits”

An Indian village

We visited this village a year or so ago. And such is the disregard for villages ( we were headed to an official ‘picnic spot’ that happened to be in the village) that we did not intend to see the village nor did I… Continue Reading “An Indian village”

Iquitos, Peru: of motokars, art; close, yet far to the jungle

These narrow lanes….

Seeing yet another unfulfilled promise, this one about narrow streets, I decided to make good at least one. These streets have their own soul and maybe the only ones that do. I can’t watermark them. They would be the same even if I didn’t… Continue Reading “These narrow lanes….”