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A little voodoo on the hoodoos and some gossamer on grottos

A little dark, but not without wonder.. add on some sussuration. When the hoodoos ululate, I cannot hear cacophony in cachhination. As for the faeries… they left.  In my castle, there are lucents taken from all else, so it shines after the grey. These fragile things, took eons to…

Iquitos, Peru: of motokars, art; close, yet far to the jungle

Amazon: the mysterious

  The top photo is that of a chick, that of one of a typical amazonian bird, the Hoatzin. This one is being brought by the villagers.The bottom is that of the sunset, I photographed earlier, perhaps a little later.. perhaps more modified, probably…

The stories they tell and the stories they hide: Doors

If all doors do is protect and hide, then how is it they can tell us so much. I fear the day all doors look alike, will we still  find  differences inside? (rhymes without intention or meaning!) The stories they could tell.. But won’t….

Weekly Challenge- Silhouette

Night glow – The silhouttes in the background, of balloons, take me to a fantasy land.. where everyone flies in the open sky.