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Lily pond

    These lilies are mainly all I photographed in my  last trip to India. A small digression: I took the train from Delhi to Kolkata (HIGHLY recommend: Rajdhani Delhi- Howrah AC 1st class over any flights). As we entered West Bengal I saw… Continue Reading “Lily pond”

A little voodoo on the hoodoos and some gossamer on grottos

A little dark, but not without wonder.. add on some sussuration. When the hoodoos ululate, I cannot hear cacophony in cachhination. As for the faeries… they left.  In my castle, there are lucents taken from all else, so it shines after the grey. These fragile things, took eons to… Continue Reading “A little voodoo on the hoodoos and some gossamer on grottos”

Juniper crawlistic

Usually I do not like editing images, but at Bryce and then later at Yellowstone I have taken a few images in raw. Maybe I can now decorate the house we bought, with only photos we take or I take. Maybe home-owing should be… Continue Reading “Juniper crawlistic”