Juniper crawlistic

Wind worn and world-wise, I will rise again
Wind worn and world-wise, I will rise again

Usually I do not like editing images, but at Bryce and then later at Yellowstone I have taken a few images in raw. Maybe I can now decorate the house we bought, with only photos we take or I take. Maybe home-owing should be a post, and yes, quite like driving I don’t see the charm. But I do see the need to do it as best as possible, again, quite like driving, once you are on the road.

This juniper was taken somewhere at Bryce. I changed exposure slightly after finally managing to open the CR2 image on GIMP 2.8. Then I lightened the blue till you could see the strange effect on the trees in the background. I usually delete such effects, but today, they added an artistic dimension and I liked it a lot!

UFRAW is a pain to get installed, but this helped and it did finally start acting as a standalone and a plugin. I still cannot use the little Gimp button ( Wilber) on the standalone to send images to GIMP. Select ‘Page 1’ and open in layers or images in GIMP and then flatten.

I realize I am giving photography editing tips(which I usually leave for the professionals), but really UFRAW took me an hour and a half to figure out and use and I should return the favor and share it forward because even in the answer that partially worked, they do not mention selecting ‘layers’ on GIMP, which it asks you to in a small easily ignored dialogue box. It will not work otherwise and spit out a TIFF error. Happy editing…

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