A little voodoo on the hoodoos and some gossamer on grottos

A little dark, but not without wonder.. add on some sussuration. When the hoodoos ululate, I cannot hear cacophony in cachhination. As for the faeries… they left.  In my castle, there are lucents taken from all else, so it shines after the grey.

These fragile things, took eons to break, but I found some space in them to stay. You can hear me some days, you are lucky if you don’t. I dread you a little, but you shall be a fool if you won’t. The marks on wood. Is all they left, but I took the light with me.

Just watching
Just watching
Marks on wood, that is cacophony
Marks on wood, that is cacophony
These hoodoos call at night
These hoodoos call at night
My castle on the grey, see how it glows
My castle on the grey, see how it glows

See what it could be, and it was. Do what you should not, and it will. It, is you, happy in fantasy.

Seems like Neil Gaiman and his otherworldly fantasies have changed me into actually editing photos to make them surreal. Also, he makes up such positively delightful words, I only make up silly ones, but at least I did not know he did and that is one thing in common with my God of parallel-imagination, that is flowing right next to what we think real. This post and image manipulation fantasy, totally inspired by Gaiman’s use of all these words in a short story which totally blew my mind right at the titleForbidden brides of the faceless slaves in the secret house of the night of dread desires’ and only kept getting better. In his collection called Fragile things. This post, and all my manipulated images from now on, are dedicated to Fragile Things.. If you have not read it yet, you are wasting time. I am assigning it to the weekly photo challenge for half light, being inspired by his short story.

P.S. Sussuration can mean a few things, but here I used it as “whispers” and ‘undertone’, for the images I added seem to murmur to me. Ululation is also usually a sound, and in Indian Bengali weddings they are supposed to bring in the good spirits or scare the bad ones, always used during a religious ceremony (even other than weddings). Cachhination is like what it sounds.. noise: in a disturbing sense. Lucents are apparently a name for crystal spiders from Star Wars. I am not a follower of the series, but seemed SO very appropriate here I couldn’t resist ( Gaiman writes a whole series on Anansi, the spider-god who spins tales that everyone believes).

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