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2 days in Jodhpur for the brave

Jodhpur, the less celebrated of Rajasthan’s cities, founded by the lesser known Rathore king: Rao Jodha (at least, lesser lored) in 1497, still holds its own in the extravagant cultural and historic agglomerate, that is Rajasthan. The most famous of the kings who lived… Continue Reading “2 days in Jodhpur for the brave”

On the streets of New York City… 

This wonderful group stopped us in our tracks in Soho, NYC past Saturday. The lead singers voice dampened the raucous traffic. It enchanted the little boy who swayed and danced with the music. His attention held, sens ipads and screens till the end of… Continue Reading “On the streets of New York City… “

Havelis of Jodhpur

Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India has its characteristic blue- the indigo that reminds me of laundry blue (or neel, as we used to call it in India) that was supposed to make whites bright, but often just turned them blue. It is not the color of… Continue Reading “Havelis of Jodhpur”

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

WePa!! In technicolor: the streets of old San Juan.. They make the colors look good.

Our lives – Connected

“Connected.” These photos are from India, one from Delhi and the other two from Kolkata. I think in India, people connect to sellers differently. The relationship, however short lived, is much more personal (whether you want it or not), especially in all those little… Continue Reading “Our lives – Connected”