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Best remembered trips: Ayahuasca in the Amazon rainforest

I return from various trips and plan to write about them, I get caught in routine things or wallow in the vanity or vacuousness of anything I can ever write, those tales find places in the crevices of my mind. Some of them will… Continue Reading “Best remembered trips: Ayahuasca in the Amazon rainforest”

On the streets of New York City… 

This wonderful group stopped us in our tracks in Soho, NYC past Saturday. The lead singers voice dampened the raucous traffic. It enchanted the little boy who swayed and danced with the music. His attention held, sens ipads and screens till the end of… Continue Reading “On the streets of New York City… “

Haider, Vishal Bhardwaj and I

When I was a kid I had a favorite TV show called Jungle Book. It was a time when India and Doordarshan had good shows, even animations or adaptations. Jungle book was an animation of the celebrated book ( directed by no other that … Continue Reading “Haider, Vishal Bhardwaj and I”

Hey Jude! and what it means to me..

Just when I was having a ‘swell’ day, ( where did that word come from?’, suddenly felt sad about something entirely silly. When has that not happened?? ha ha.. At the beginning of the day I was listening to the recently discovered (or rediscovered,… Continue Reading “Hey Jude! and what it means to me..”