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When fear reigns, what does it rule?

Most people, including yours truly, enjoy horror movies or books. Even though, like comedy, horror is a hard genre to work with and has the highest possibility of finding absolutely no takers in the audience. Then again, there are some formulae that work time… Continue Reading “When fear reigns, what does it rule?”

Increasing popularity of my blog

What would you do if you wanted to increase the flux of people to your blog? WordPress has several suggestions and if you are reading this, you probably are aware of those. One of them is to post regularly and the other is to… Continue Reading “Increasing popularity of my blog”

Whose book do you want to be in?

Note: The last post was more a rant in its original form, is still quite horrid, but I have made some changes to make it a little more, well, acceptable. I am sure many of us have wondered at times, during a crisis especially,… Continue Reading “Whose book do you want to be in?”

The Stephens I admire, adore and would like to be..

Yes, unlike the false promise on Che Guevara ( still have to work on it..) my favorite Stephens are easier for me to write about, I already know them quite well. Stephen Jay Gould was a paleontologist, who broke away from the tenet in… Continue Reading “The Stephens I admire, adore and would like to be..”

Hey Jude! and what it means to me..

Just when I was having a ‘swell’ day, ( where did that word come from?’, suddenly felt sad about something entirely silly. When has that not happened?? ha ha.. At the beginning of the day I was listening to the recently discovered (or rediscovered,… Continue Reading “Hey Jude! and what it means to me..”