Increasing popularity of my blog

Someone makes a living from making tea and eggs, using these. Or used to.

What would you do if you wanted to increase the flux of people to your blog? WordPress has several suggestions and if you are reading this, you probably are aware of those. One of them is to post regularly and the other is to visit other people’s blogs, especially the ones who have taken time to ‘like’ your post(s) and say ‘hello’. That has led me to interesting people and their posts. As I am not the most social person on this planet , even saying hello to a blog page, representing another living person, takes some effort from my side. I am getting better though, I do like people. I just don’t like talking to them. Not all the time.

What if it occupies your mind day and night, we won’t get to if it should or not ( the answer is, no, it shouldn’t, but the easiest answers are always the hardest to arrive at physically, at a level that makes a difference anyway, like, should we attack Iraq?).

How far would you go, to make your blog popular? For the readers of Stephen King- would it become one of your Needful Things? That you could and would do almost anything to make it have a hundred visitors a day? Even if that meant you would have to prostitute yourself and your talent (whatever that might be in these days of Justin Bieber) into what is most likely to please the audience. Not what is most likely to be what you do best.

Would you write about personal issues that people you know and love or used to would be embarrassed to read about themselves, maybe even hurt, to educate the audience about how not to make the mistakes those people you had once loved made. Writers do it all the time and there really is nothing wrong with it. Blogging about it also helps people gain an insight at a less invested level, than buying or reading a whole book would. But, the idea is the same. Or isn’t it? I don’t know. I have made so many mistakes that I couldn’t begin to write about them, yet.

Would you write about popular celebrities (did I mention Justin Bieber?) and writers ( yes, I did mention Stephen King). Or the entertainment business, TV shows? I have written about an Indian actor and I will not tag him on this post. He has initiated a lot of traffic to my posts and I do like him intensely, but I don’t believe I have ‘used’ his popularity. He is new and on an Indian TV show that is not on prime time or intensely popular. I do owe his fans.. and him, for liking what I wrote and for being him, respectively. But I think my intention was pretty clear when I wrote those posts.

Would you use your amateur photography skills and since you think you are decent at it, even if that was not the reason you actually started a blog. You still post at least one image a day and several images in a written post to attract people. Pictures speak a thousand words, even if they are not exactly the words you wanted to speak. They were what caught your attention and fancy at a moment of time.

Its still me though, the photographs I take are always a reflection of what I found interesting. At least there, I have not yet prostituted myself to what others will and may or may not like. Perhaps that is why I am a better photographer than a blogger, well, by blogger I mean writer.( I found one for this post as well, that is not at ALL related to the content, for kicks and I know that highlights my hypocrisy). It does draw people who like the subject of my photographs. It is not absolutely unlikely that they could, in principle, like what I write about as well..

So that is the extent of my prostituting to satisfy my soul. Thank God I read the Needful things over the last couple of weeks, or who knows what innocuous content I may have felt only slight discomfort in putting out, yet causing waves of repercussions in others’ lives, including and most importantly, my own. Not to say that I have not done that already.  In my first post I did do that, my dad differed in opinion, more than a little bit, from what I thought was a moot matter anyway. I was making a stand then.

The hope is, I will continue making one, on topics and on what I want to be. Hear! Hear!

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