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It’s the end of time

It’s the end of time I could go on, as beforeWords, or tags can hurt no moreWere they known, or something new?The blows and swings, in constant slew.. I touch my chest to feel the piecesAs night shrinks…the stinging easesWhat can’t break, then slowly… Continue Reading “It’s the end of time”

Confidence and self esteem: learn’ings’ from TV

While I didn’t participate in the #MeToo movement on social media, for personal reasons, I am privileged to live in the time where it happened. I lament about all things going wrong in our time,  but one must witness some things that will be… Continue Reading “Confidence and self esteem: learn’ings’ from TV”

If there was one thing in life you could do right, what would it be? ‘Lootera’ (Movie review)

What if it is also the one thing that can destroy you? Reeks of love. Yes. The kind of love a thief would feel for a princess? And the kind of love the princess feels for the thief? Yes to both. Lootera, a name… Continue Reading “If there was one thing in life you could do right, what would it be? ‘Lootera’ (Movie review)”

When fear reigns, what does it rule?

Most people, including yours truly, enjoy horror movies or books. Even though, like comedy, horror is a hard genre to work with and has the highest possibility of finding absolutely no takers in the audience. Then again, there are some formulae that work time… Continue Reading “When fear reigns, what does it rule?”