My city.. is old and new and in between

My city is old and new and in between

In it, I am found and lost and never seen

The colors are cries and the darkness sorrow

Yet we all still hope for a ‘morrow

You must go if you’ve never been

See for yourself, its beauty sheen.

We hide it well, its in our heart we say

As it burns in limelight….my heart I weigh.

I go for sojourns, but never stay…lest

It sees my languor and mourns its best

Who went away fo’ peace, but may never rest…. ID

Impromptu poem for Dilli (Delhi). My city. I am no poet (clearly). But then I call it my graffiti poem. It doesn’t have to true art, it just has to speak the truth (of the creator’s mind) and blend well.

Notice the various Urban necessities blending in these graffitis. These are in Hauz Khas, Delhi, practically a few miles from where I spent a significant part of growing up. My school. My bus used to take a route that hid these from my sight, although they likely didn’t exist back then in this form anyway. This is a posh restaurant area now. I couldn’t have afforded to eat or shop in the Hauz Khas village when I was there in Delhi or if I had stayed. Graffitis are free. This is one part of my Urban life series, one hopes I will remember to keep the series alive! If not. It still is my city.

revolutionary graffiti
The revolutionary
Burning bright
Pink tank on the wall
Pink tank on the wall, fighting off the blue

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ladder graffiti-2 bike and cycle
 happy new year graffitiMore graffiti0 rico

Fan and power
Fan and power
Trash can blended
Trash can be blended

What does it feel like to be right?

Doing the right thing should feel different, even if belatedly, than doing the wrong thing. What if we can’t tell the difference. The lines blur the more you focus. And then, there are times when we think we are doing the right thing while doing the wrong one. What if, we still can’t tell the difference. What tells us that we are right. Should we believe what others say, about what right should be? Should we trust our instincts? What do we do, if both these metrics are absolutely contradictory. What do we do, if both are wrong? or both are right? Is there room for that. Who determines, what is right. Does doing ‘what is right for you’ give us the right to hurt others? What if doing the right thing, continuously hurts us, in the real world? Is it enough to do the right thing and take all the hurt. Will it bring satisfaction in the end? What

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