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What does it feel like to be right?

Doing the right thing should feel different, even if belatedly, than doing the wrong thing. What if we can’t tell the difference. The lines blur the more you focus. And then, there are times when we think we are doing the right thing while… Continue Reading “What does it feel like to be right?”

Dilli and Kolkata’s lesser known secrets.. famously hidden

What does an old city have ( and by old I mean at least one millenium) that can’t be beaten by claims of ‘modern technology’ made by a new one? And I agree with anyone who thinks that new cities have no right to… Continue Reading “Dilli and Kolkata’s lesser known secrets.. famously hidden”

Up and about in Paris and London- Part 1- Rueil Malmaison

It is rare that anything that is much anticipated actually delivers more than what you expect. For me, after realizing that even science is full of hot gas most of the time, during my Ph.D., and being as disappointed as a child who realizes… Continue Reading “Up and about in Paris and London- Part 1- Rueil Malmaison”

Another unsuitable job for a woman…?

It may be because women are  more sensitive, or more prone to need extraneous approval for self esteem, but there certainly seems to be some types of work that make women prone to being depressed and suicidal. There are endless biological reasons related to… Continue Reading “Another unsuitable job for a woman…?”

The best years…

   If there is such a thing, I wonder what it would be for me, or for ‘a’ person. Some claim it is youth, but I have seen more youthful old people than youthful youths. Here I have to say that when G.B. Shaw… Continue Reading “The best years…”