What does it feel like to be right?

man and his rickshawDoing the right thing should feel different, even if belatedly, than doing the wrong thing. What if we can’t tell the difference. The lines blur the more you focus.

And then, there are times when we think we are doing the right thing while doing the wrong one. What if, we still can’t tell the difference.

What tells us that we are right. Should we believe what others say, about what right should be? Should we trust our instincts? What do we do, if both these metrics are absolutely contradictory.

What do we do, if both are wrong? or both are right? Is there room for that.

Who determines, what is right.
Does doing ‘what is right for you’ give us the right to hurt others?
What if doing the right thing, continuously hurts us, in the real world?

Is it enough to do the right thing and take all the hurt. Will it bring satisfaction in the end? What if, in the end there is no time to feel better about it. What if there is so much time that nothing feels right at the end of it.

How do we train our instincts to tell us the truth, beyond instant gratification, beyond what others say and think, beyond what’s on the surface and what’s underneath. Can we even do that? It needs something to be absolute. Like math, but even math is based on assumption and limits and things that tend to pi, but even pi, is relentless. You can never touch it. You know its there. That’s for sure. But you can’t touch it.

Maybe there is such a right somewhere, everyone knows it is there. No one touches it. It just splits into a fractal when you get any closer. Split to infinity.

Much easier to touch the wrong. Like blood. Like war and cries. Like the ripping of a soul in rape. Even if you don’t see it, you can still touch. When you see it, you know. If you don’t see it in the mirror, then you should not see it through a peephole.

Should we just correct for the wrongs we do to others or the ones we support. Leave each man to his own. Happiness. Each man to his own right, unless it touches the wrong.

I just feel I did something very right. Except, it should feel all wrong. It doesn’t. I am happy.

What if no one else is. Is it wrong then. Or do we need it to be good?

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