Sing my dreams




In my dreams

I see you all again

like yesterday

when yesterday was nineteen ninety two

We haven’t aged,

Tho’ our eyes have changed

Our world is torn in two.

It could be more, say, three or four?

Who knows for sure

We stopped counting

The worlds didn’t need us pure.

Been many moons blue

Some lies were true

We still keep in our hearts

Who, really, was who.
You speak for long

I hear along

And as you stall

I tell my tale

But, do I tell you all?

I know you loved me years ago

Did I know then

Or, would you know now?

We didn’t stop to think

Amidst ceaseless time

So time went by a blink;

In all our planning

On maps a-spanning

Did we plan on being strangers?

Tha’ crept up somehow

Distant lands in tow

Too late for any changes.

Lo! Nothing’s lost, we both fall

In my dream, into a hall

Again, I see

My eyes so clear

Every one I once held dear

We dance with joy

Whoop, whoop, ahoy!!

Some dreams are full of cheer

As minutes go by

I feel you cry

Then gray clouds fall

I lose you all

But, I hear your call,

I think

You sing along a mighty tune

You never used to sing!

I know then

It’s not you,

after all

I am just dreaming.


In my dream you write

Long letters to me

Pages and pages

and we still fight

Sometimes all night

Image is what ages

In my dream you know

I lost your present

And then, your echoing whisper

Past and future together

Merge in this dream

that morning light makes crisper

You simply smile, and lead me on

Stand still or make a shimmer

Then you too are gone

I float all alone

With eyes of sparkling glimmer.


Are dreams my own?

Or will they stay?

I will keep them, if I may.

They are not you

Not at all

But that is where we play.




To friends, relations and soul mates I have not seen in years, except in my dreams. We are not old enough to stop hoping we will meet again. However, I don’t know, if they hope the same as me. I am grateful for the images in my dreams where we share our stories, nonetheless.



I am slightly crazy and totally sarcastic, with a nasty icing of cynicism. I exude pessimistic vibes every now and then. However, I do actively look for things that make me happy, like birds, damselflies and dragonflies, mountains and of course, books. Generous, inspiring people and people who enjoy what they do for a living while being good at it, make me feel like it is, after all, worthwhile being human. I hope to write about things in a way that makes them interesting.. and makes me more human-like. No matter how many times I rewrite this, still comes out corny. I give up

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