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It’s the end of time

It’s the end of time I could go on, as beforeWords, or tags can hurt no moreWere they known, or something new?The blows and swings, in constant slew.. I touch my chest to feel the piecesAs night shrinks…the stinging easesWhat can’t break, then slowly… Continue Reading “It’s the end of time”

Feeling Safe in the unpredictable world of United States

  First a poem on this. It is not a good one but does gun toting require or inspire good poetry? Denial   Nothing ever charmed us more Than feeling safe   We send our sons and guns  ashore Then send our missiles, jets… Continue Reading “Feeling Safe in the unpredictable world of United States”

Glue: another poem

Glue   Did you ever break Something you could not lose, Did you ever make Something you could not use? Do you know the frame The one atop our hearth, The one we left behind When our ‘palace’ kissed the earth. I saw it… Continue Reading “Glue: another poem”

On creating and destroying impressions

This post should have been called why am I so dumb..But I decided against it. As you may understand later, I am trying to avoid using that word, the d*** word in writing. Let me start at the very beginning: when I was really… Continue Reading “On creating and destroying impressions”

The hazards of oversimplification

Wouldn’t it be so much easier if everyone lived simply, spoke freely ( not from fear, I mean) and thought highly of high matters. The idea of a perfectly simple solution to everything, including the silver bullet to cure cancer, stems from the fact… Continue Reading “The hazards of oversimplification”