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It’s the end of time

It’s the end of time I could go on, as beforeWords, or tags can hurt no moreWere they known, or something new?The blows and swings, in constant slew.. I touch my chest to feel the piecesAs night shrinks…the stinging easesWhat can’t break, then slowly… Continue Reading “It’s the end of time”

Coral past and present: The Andamans (part1)

If you are an anthropologist, or if you are a student of colonial rule and its effects on the natives, or someone into scuba diving, or maybe someone in love with corals, or simply someone who likes the wild and untamed: the Andaman and… Continue Reading “Coral past and present: The Andamans (part1)”

Strangled red

One of the buildings in Ross Island, an island in the Andaman and Nicobar archipelago. Until the second world war Ross Island housed an European Infantry.

Ruins of a sugar mill in Lamanai, Belize

  Amidst a rain forest we expect to find a lot of things, but it is rare to find a dilipidated sugar mill. I would think that was interesting enough, however, how the rain forest is taking back its land is a sight in… Continue Reading “Ruins of a sugar mill in Lamanai, Belize”

Canyons and canyon people around the grand and ancient – Grand Canyon National park, AZ

From a vacation I don’t expect much, the expected, the unexpected, the surprising and whenever possible, the bonus! I am nothing if not easy to please. So, when after a few years of discussion and postponement as I resist being predictable to the greatest… Continue Reading “Canyons and canyon people around the grand and ancient – Grand Canyon National park, AZ”