Havelis of Jodhpur


Life in Havelis-wm
Life, coolers in haveli
Sweep (panorama) of havelis from the top of our hotel
Short doors-wm
Woman in balcony
Blue haveli with scooters-wm
That’s Jodhpur’s blue with its scooters (two-wheelers)

Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India has its characteristic blue- the indigo that reminds me of laundry blue (or neel, as we used to call it in India) that was supposed to make whites bright, but often just turned them blue. It is not the color of all Jodhpur, only prevalent in Old city. As people try to keep up with maintenance of their old havelis (the city was founded in 1459, the havelis probably are newer, still, they seem to have housed multiple generations of families many of them dating 18th century).

Here are some of the photos of these wonderful witnesses of history, life’s joys and sorrows and celebration of them all. Only one of the two places I visited in India earlier this year.. this one is in the west of the country, close to our only desert..

Thought of these photos seeing this weeks photochallenge.. Hopefully will have others before the week is up

9 Comments on “Havelis of Jodhpur

    • Thank you! I would say some of them have been there since late 1400s but not all. However a lot of them are over 200 yrs old. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the dates of construction unless they are turned into hotels.

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