When I caught their eyes: in situ portraits

Here are some of my old favorite shots of portraits ‘in situ’. A term I only learned today was actually official even in photography. We used to talk about in situ protein immunohistochemistry used to look at proteins as they occur in tissues (or as close as possible). The similarity is: as we try to look at our subjects and the way we look at them, changes them; be it proteins in tissues or people in places..

I had earlier forgotten to mention, some of these people had seen me slightly before or just after I took the shot, like the blushing fisher woman who blushed at a remark by someone I was with; the man with the briefcase who had just seen me across the street before looking away.

This man caught my eye walking in his village, with no other tourists or people from the outside in the village at the time
Those are cow patties on the wall people use as fuel
his glassses
And then I caught his eye. I wonder at all his glasses must have witnessed
man and his rickshaw
It looked as though the guy was thinking: don’t mock me. I had not meant to…
Tea is served here
Got any change, for me?
The shop owner at old china town, Kolkata- Stella. She sells Chinese candy and used an abacus


man and canoe
Fishing in the amazon
Juan of the jungle: lives to fish and fishes to live


woman with a baby- amazon portrait 2
She thought her friend was prettier as I had taken several snaps of her friend before. Or perhaps she already used to think that
happy fisherwoman
You can always blush
happy girls
The crazy  lady with a camera and us
Amazon portrait- Mayor-2 Pacaya Samiria reserve
The mayor of a village in the Pacaya-Samiria reserve area, northern Peru
The fakir
He seemed resigned to his life and his possessions: a true fakir (a recluse with religious or spiritual calling)
His briefcase: he sells what the briefcase holds. That is mainly different types of rat or pest poison.

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