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The end of logic as we knew it: Nov 8 2016 anniversary special

I would be remiss if I didn’t write about what the anniversary means to me personally and try to project what I think it SHOULD mean to people of the two countries in the world I relate to tangibly. The projections may be utterly… Continue Reading “The end of logic as we knew it: Nov 8 2016 anniversary special”

Why people like Trump

So why is it, people support and follow other people.  Some patterns are emerging, even if I am very far from an answer. As a intrepid self-deprecating  and self-doubting individual that science and my parents have forced me to develop into, these are only… Continue Reading “Why people like Trump”

To the Almighty, do restrictions apply?

Just reading a newspaper, even focusing on local news in the most ‘celebrated’ country in the world one questions the almighty being all that mighty. The fact that I question obviously means I am an atheist, in the same country ( although, not so… Continue Reading “To the Almighty, do restrictions apply?”

Waiting for the thoughts..

Waiting for the thoughts..

These are idols in preparation of a festival in India.. The heads are made from molds and attached separately