To the Almighty, do restrictions apply?


Just reading a newspaper, even focusing on local news in the most ‘celebrated’ country in the world one questions the almighty being all that mighty. The fact that I question obviously means I am an atheist, in the same country ( although, not so much in my own, poverty stricken, human rights violating country). I consider myself to be spiritual, with no way to prove it.

Every time a huge natural disaster strikes, from the Haitian earthquake, the tsunamis to the recent flash flooding in one of the most popular pilgrim destination in India- Uttarakhand’s Kedarnath and Badrinath with thousands of people still unaccounted for and presumed dead, I wonder at the mightiness that brought this about. Nature’s might I do not doubt.

To a religious fanatic, all those people would be sinners and the one ones who survived such disasters, much to their own chagrin and survivor’s guilt, are probably favored by God. Maybe apocalypse happens in small doses in small pockets of the world and the one who have accepted Him truly survive and rejoice. I doubt they rejoice very much, but what do I know. An apocalypse will surely not see me survive.

I wonder if God himself is religious. Does someone who creates and constitutes a religion, have to practice it? You would think that He would restrict us to a single one, if YOU were religious. He clearly likes diversity, in every aspect of nature. He couldn’t be clearer if He wrote it in the sky everyday, except, He probably doesn’t want to favor any language, on this shared sky and was never into mental domination and hypnosis- that’s man made.

Nature doesn’t have a preference (survival of the fittest is more the survivors cross to carry). And people killing others in the name of the God proposed religion(s), would be clearly God’s will too. Vengeful He is, unless you listen to Buddha who chose the middle path to Nirvana – making him one with God and definitely deplored vengeance. But Buddha, with the historic back up of actually having existed,  is, after all, not God. Additionally, if God doesn’t need to practice his favored religion himself or does so without telling us directly, he certainly can be vengeful and still demand that we are not so. That’s the definition of free will he wants to see in us and the consequences He can unleash at His leisure after we meet an end, naturally.

I wouldn’t vote for a vengeful God. Neither for one that takes attendance  ( as I believe I read somewhere, I hope the original wasn’t Dawkins and if it was, he has a few points to make some times). But who said it was a democracy. We are servants not masters. Best to do what we are told and even when all we want to do is head to a portal ( temple) to be closer to the master, only to pay respects, he may strike us down. Its His will.

I don’t believe that. Not one bit. Vengeance is for the wronged and even more for the weak to prove their strength. He doesn’t have anything to prove and I don’t think spends time tallying test results. All the despair and injustice in this world is not His will, its his bane. He started something he cannot control or micro manage. And haven’t you ever had that guy as a manager? These managers  never have only one thing they started either, why would they, its the joy of creation, isn’t it, so why stop? For us,  feeling too special, as being the ONLY planet with God’s children,  is just another way of being ignorant. He gives you a chance called life and once you take it, it goes its course.

He has some access points, vertices that He may be able to bring about a change of ‘course’, once His ‘children’ make it to them, those that have keys. Some may never even reach a single vertex. Prayer, more likely meditation and a true analysis of self, may lead to those points, but you have to seek them first and be prepared to accept fully you may never actually find what you began looking for.. And even if you do find Him, His hands maybe tied and need different keys than you have, because instead of ‘dying’ for our sins, he might just have got his hands tied, for the most part, for our sins and lets us just pay for them!

For the people incapable or incapacitated to find themselves, by being, say religiously blind, in denial and wantonly ignorant. Afraid of knowing anything they didn’t always know and actually having to use the brain they have ( or must have). Nature has no preference, but maybe, God does, now that’s a chance worth taking, I would say. Even though His bane may be that He can often do nothing.

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