An Indian village

women and gobor and charcoal

We visited this village a year or so ago. And such is the disregard for villages ( we were headed to an official ‘picnic spot’ that happened to be in the village) that we did not intend to see the village nor did I see its name anywhere visibly displayed. I cannot recall if someone told me its name or not. It was a trip with the in laws..

The picnic spot was not much to speak about, except I saw and heard a few black headed orioles and many small bee eaters.. They also had a rather elaborate flower garden.

small bee eater - very good

After being served lunch and before tea time, we ventured out to the village, right outside the gate. The villagers are not allowed to come in, other than the ones who must work there and we needed to let the guard know that we belonged ‘inside’ were just headed out for a stroll. I don’t think many people do that, no one else did that in the time we were there.

I have previously posted many pictures from this outing. I saw young girls and boys playing around, together. Cow dung cakes stuck on tree barks ( dried, they are used as fuel, they smoke a lot but the source is biologique). Also, hand made balls of coal that are also dried in the sun. It was very quiet and had a very ‘idyllic’ feel. After mid afternoon there were people sitting outside, talking. The street is not paved, pet chickens, hens and goatlings frolicked around.

village street


Similar tea 'stalls' in Kolkata  city
Similar tea ‘stalls’ in Kolkata city

The village had several small stores and shops selling potato chips, eggs and other daily supplies. Most of them also serve fresh tea made to order and biscuits. These type of tea shops are actually still common in the city: Kolkata. The one on the right is from the city. taken in Behala.

A village shop with attached home

People stared at us politely: just out of interest but no one started a conversation. I took a few photos of the group of children playing and asked them if they wanted to see them, as one of them was pointing out to the others that I was taking photos. One of the girls looked at the photos with interest and called out to her friend, while giggling uncontrollably, saying she (her friend) looks a little crazy in them. I think they are the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. ( I have to take their photos off because I felt some rather dubious internet searches were leading to this photo. too bad. I loved their smiles: it is still the featured image so can be seen in the main homepage, not clicked on though)

bee eater front face
Small bee eater

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