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The difference between knowledge and misdirection

In the world of internet, misdirection is as rampant, if not more so, as knowledge. While Wikipedia changed the accessibility of information and is one purely uplifting product of shared community knowledge that can get better with every passing minute, all those news avenues that… Continue Reading “The difference between knowledge and misdirection”

The kind of people I like…

I have been accused ( and I might add correctly) of not liking enough people. Or any people. My dad routinely asked me to list the people I really liked, I think I always had real trouble after about 5 names. As I grew… Continue Reading “The kind of people I like…”

Capitalism and democracy, where there is compassion..

A lot of people believe that somehow capitalism and compassion do not go together. Also, capitalism and democracy. Some of these people are considered to be great thinkers of our time or history, others are my friends, yet others are no one in particular.… Continue Reading “Capitalism and democracy, where there is compassion..”