The magpie’s cult- a poem and art

The magpie’s cult

When a playful magpie takes a bath

Seeing that magic, makes wine of wrath

It takes the wondrous joy of a child

Adds carefree zest of a teen gone wild

Shakes them together into a cult

That of a free, inventive adult.

The child (red-billed blue magpie in a bath)
The teenager
Inspirational magpie
Playful Magpie. Acrylic (40″ X 30″ canvas)

I came up with the poem as I finished this artwork, I also made my logo because of this painting. So, yes, I am very much in this magpie’s individual cult. For my new logo and other examples of my artwork see my new page: Implicit self Art. The photo is from Sattal, Uttarakhand India, where any birder may be prepared to get bewildered. I recommend Birder’s Den as a great stay for birders and photographers in Sattal.

One Comment on “The magpie’s cult- a poem and art

  1. This is very beautiful,the painting and the poem
    I am loving each of your poems and paintings
    Great talent
    Should publish

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