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Art 2020

A little on art this year, as a post even if I am cataloging most of my art work under projects in my art portfolio on this blog as well. This year I visited India and made new contacts with nature enthusiasts, some professional…

CR stories #1: Marvin Rockwell, a pioneer, a businessman, naturalist, paramedic, rockstar-superman!

For my trip to Costa Rica, I am relegating my trip experience to the photos I took…..As in any tropical country, the jungles made me feel alive and the birds and animals, much closer than I have usually seen, reminded me of Trinidad more…

In honor of Zoos

Having birds sit and pose, even if they are sometimes behind a glass wall, I remember thinking, prior to my first zoo visit with a camera,should make it easy to get great shots. It is not. Birds: they have a mind of their own….