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How to ‘get’ a double-striped thick-knee in Trinidad

How to see/spot/ get the double-striped thick-knee in Trinidad? (ok, to end the suspense: it is a rare bird in TT, so please continue reading for content, and sorry the photo is down below, thanks much,  kisses…) Well, of course you don’t go looking… Continue Reading “How to ‘get’ a double-striped thick-knee in Trinidad”

Rain trance

  We went back to Trinidad after 5 yrs and stayed at the Asa wright nature center, Arima, again. A lot of things have changed there in 5 yrs, all of it for the better at the center. One thing hadn’t changed much, the… Continue Reading “Rain trance”

Paused for thought: Birds of Costa Rica

Here are some of the birds we saw in CR, these look like they were in the middle of a thought..

CR stories #1: Marvin Rockwell, a pioneer, a businessman, naturalist, paramedic, rockstar-superman!

For my trip to Costa Rica, I am relegating my trip experience to the photos I took…..As in any tropical country, the jungles made me feel alive and the birds and animals, much closer than I have usually seen, reminded me of Trinidad more… Continue Reading “CR stories #1: Marvin Rockwell, a pioneer, a businessman, naturalist, paramedic, rockstar-superman!”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

This image are from Trinidad and either just after or during it was raining! The hummingbirds, especially the White necked Jacobins ( like the one above) frolick around in the rain, as if to show off that unlike other birds, hummingbirds are not afraid… Continue Reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal”