Paused for thought: Birds of Costa Rica

Good laughing falcon-wm
Laughing Falcon
Green honeycreeper-3 good-wm
Green Honeycreeper, Sarapiqui
Chestnut colored woodpecker-4
Chestnut colored woodpecker
Northern jacana toes-tort-wm
Northern Jacana, Tortuguero
Boat billed heron-wm
Boat billed heron, Tortugero
Bright rumped attila
Bright rumped attila, Tortuguero
Slaty tailed trogon
Slaty tailed trogon
Green kingfisher-tort-wm
Green kingfisher, Tortuguero
Purple honeycreeper-wm
Purple honecreeper
Mealy parrot-wm
Olive throated parrot, Tortuguero
Green crowned brilliant
Green crowned brilliant, Monte Verde
Golden headed tanager-wm
Golden headed tanager
green violetear
Green violetear, Monteverde
Emerald toucanette -wm
Emerald Toucanette
Tiger heron-tort-wm
Tiger heron, Tortuguero
Great Curassow
Crested guan-wm
Crested Guan, La Selva Sarapiqui


7 Comments Add yours

  1. danikay11 says:

    Such great photos! So cool!

    1. Thank you so much!! I look forward to your photos from Costa Rica!

      1. danikay11 says:

        Thanks! I really appreciate that 🙂 It’s such a beautiful place with so much to offer!

      2. Yes it is. I love their bright paintings of nature all over, like on the VW bus you saw! If you are ever in the Monteverde region you should look up Marvin Rockwell an American who settled down there with a Quaker community, his stories are marvelous and his courage and generosity of spirit is so rare. He is 93 after all. I have a post on when we met him. But seeing him tell his stories is another experience altogether!

      3. danikay11 says:

        Well I am definitely planning to go back! I will put that on my list and try to get to it!

  2. Bill McMillian says:

    Ishita – beautiful effort and most of all enjoyed being your witness!!

    1. Thank you Bill!! It was so great to have had the good fortune to meet you and RIcki!

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