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Paused for thought: Birds of Costa Rica

Here are some of the birds we saw in CR, these look like they were in the middle of a thought..

Red headed woodpeckers

Red-headed woodpeckers greeted us as we took the way towards the Big Salt Marsh in the Quivira wildlife refuge, Kansas. They were very common and everywhere I saw undulating flight and white wings, it was them. I would have to say my favorite woodpeckers… Continue Reading “Red headed woodpeckers”

Amazon Voyage: Nature

I gave much thought to the best possible division to my tales about the Amazon expedition and finally decided that it could be divided into nature watch and village visits. Although, that would leave out the part in the boat, which quite enjoyable in… Continue Reading “Amazon Voyage: Nature”

In Trinidad -when it pours, you REIGN.(part1 of 2)

Little did I anticipate the moving adventure that would follow, when I booked a group birding tour, by Caligo Ventures, 5 days in Trindiad and 4 in Tobago. It promised rainforests with Trogons, lodging with hummingbirds, turtles, caves and swamps..We were picked up at… Continue Reading “In Trinidad -when it pours, you REIGN.(part1 of 2)”