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My tower of song: birding and photography

These are, what I believe to be the best images of birds I have taken, IN THE WILD. They are also, concomitantly, a collection of my most favorite birds till date. I have the year the photos were taken in the watermark, as I… Continue Reading “My tower of song: birding and photography”


These are a couple of endangered birds, one of which we saw in the wild too. Photos are taken in the Belize zoo. We are yet to see a Harpy Eagle in the wild, but we saw the yellow headed parrot (using a scope)… Continue Reading “Endangered”

In Trinidad -when it pours, you REIGN.(part1 of 2)

Little did I anticipate the moving adventure that would follow, when I booked a group birding tour, by Caligo Ventures, 5 days in Trindiad and 4 in Tobago. It promised rainforests with Trogons, lodging with hummingbirds, turtles, caves and swamps..We were picked up at… Continue Reading “In Trinidad -when it pours, you REIGN.(part1 of 2)”