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How to ‘get’ a double-striped thick-knee in Trinidad

How to see/spot/ get the double-striped thick-knee in Trinidad? (ok, to end the suspense: it is a rare bird in TT, so please continue reading for content, and sorry the photo is down below, thanks much,  kisses…) Well, of course you don’t go looking… Continue Reading “How to ‘get’ a double-striped thick-knee in Trinidad”

My tower of song: birding and photography

These are, what I believe to be the best images of birds I have taken, IN THE WILD. They are also, concomitantly, a collection of my most favorite birds till date. I have the year the photos were taken in the watermark, as I… Continue Reading “My tower of song: birding and photography”

Rain trance

  We went back to Trinidad after 5 yrs and stayed at the Asa wright nature center, Arima, again. A lot of things have changed there in 5 yrs, all of it for the better at the center. One thing hadn’t changed much, the… Continue Reading “Rain trance”

In Trinidad and Tobago, where you reign, when it pours.. (Part 2 of 2)

On the excursion to see the leatherbacks, we had got to know two additional members of our group that would join us for the rest of the 4 days- Iris and her granddaughter Amy. Iris is a very interesting person who has not just… Continue Reading “In Trinidad and Tobago, where you reign, when it pours.. (Part 2 of 2)”

Rufous Breasted Jacamar

Rufous Breasted Jacamar

It looks like a big hummingbird- I just love the colors.. Tobagans (?) call it the rich bird, because it lives in the banks..