Rain trance


jacobin-young rain karma-wm
Young white-necked jacobin. Life’s simple pleasures..
Three jacobins-wm
When they get along for a while..
Two jacobins shallow foc-wm
Rain, depth and shallow focus
jacobin dancing in rain-front-wm
Rain dance

We went back to Trinidad after 5 yrs and stayed at the Asa wright nature center, Arima, again. A lot of things have changed there in 5 yrs, all of it for the better at the center. One thing hadn’t changed much, the dance of pleasure of the white-necked jacobin, in the rain. I was able to relive and reinvigorate my memories of these hummingbirds dancing and being one with the rain. For them to find a treat in the rain in the oft-rained upon RAINforest, is the very definition of satisfaction for me. Although, their other traits are far less content, they are territorial about their feeders and fight a lot, the rain makes it all go away for them. They even get along.

For this weeks photo challenge, my hummingbirds from Trinidad, who are calling me back…

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