The waltz of tulips

red and yellow tulipsThis weeks photo challenge is about motion and dance and I have to tell ya, when tulips dance to the Oklahoma winds, it is one of the nicest dances to see. ( but not so nice to photograph with a macro lens).

However,  the petals and the pistil and the anthers seem to have their own circle -dance, as they close and open every day taking a cue from the weather. The anthers the pistil parts look like they are in a graceful  gancho (arms connected). It is, if I may so render, there own waltz. In their little world of one flower, the petals encircle, the anthers court  and waltz away as the wind plays its music..

My tulips that are really, mine.

white and red -in sepia-wm1

sepia tulip-wm-1red -yellow tulip-wm-1red tulip-wm-2pink and purple-wm-1red in greenish sepia-wmmultipetal-wm-1


That said, I think the ‘joys’ of home-ownership should be rephrased to correctly state the actual phenomenon of it.. The ‘chores and daily grind’ of home-ownership. However, I am grateful for the distraction these tulips brought me, with the added benefit of proving that I don’t kill everything I plant (and I really don’t, it is just the ones indoor that all die of too much love, errr.. watering).

2 Comments on “The waltz of tulips

  1. Beautiful captures. I have been longing to publish a poem about tulips but can’t get up the courage to paint one and certainly can’t find a lovely one to photograph just yet. Best wishes for spring.

    • Thank you! Our tulips are very beautiful. Sometimes the hidden interior of the flowers provide a great perspective, even if the flowers in our yard are the same as any average tulip. Happy Spring to you too! Just saw your wonderful paintings.. I hope you paint tulips soon. I am going to try that myself I think.

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