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Souvenir printemps

Had a bunch of these emperor and fringed tulips flower in my garden past spring. I didn’t post these photos anywhere and as I tumble along my 35th year, fall is around the corner already, only mists of spring in my memories and it will… Continue Reading “Souvenir printemps”

The waltz of tulips

This weeks photo challenge is about motion and dance and I have to tell ya, when tulips dance to the Oklahoma winds, it is one of the nicest dances to see. ( but not so nice to photograph with a macro lens). However,  the… Continue Reading “The waltz of tulips”

Future tense

  Spring stalactites.. on the holly bush in front of our door. They were melting and reforming pretty quickly.. The water drops at the tip of the one in the middle. It has remnants of the past winter cold and the expectation of spring… Continue Reading “Future tense”