Souvenir printemps

Had a bunch of these emperor and fringed tulips flower in my garden past spring. I didn’t post these photos anywhere and as I tumble along my 35th year, fall is around the corner already, only mists of spring in my memories and it will be a year soon, since I  planted their bulbs.

I have shot tulips in many angles and each variety dictates the angle it likes best, so thought them appropriate for the corner theme this week, especially the considering these fringed corners! 

Orange tulip- emperor-wm
Emperor tulip
Fringe tulip-corners-good-wm
Fringed tulip

How many springs of hope do I have left? Who knows. Will these come back next year? Who can tell. But that they came at all should be of no less importance. Flowers bring hope, my friend told me. A new friend I made this year. Maybe there are dreams yet to come!

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