Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

We are not the only ones that feel refreshed after a shower!! Especially one in rainwater!

This image are from Trinidad and either just after or during it was raining! The hummingbirds, especially the White necked Jacobins ( like the one above) frolick around in the rain, as if to show off that unlike other birds, hummingbirds are not afraid of catching a cold! They can shrug off all the rain water with a mighty shake and be good as dry in a few seconds ( actually milliseconds!).

For details of my Trinidad and Tobago trip, with more photographs, you can follow these links



13 Comments Add yours

  1. Oh my gosh these are really kool.
    I love these.

      1. lol thats not my real name tho it david

      2. oops!! thanks david 🙂 It sounds like a real name (gorden), but really sorry about calling you something other than your name !

      3. oh ya if you could please share my blog with friends

  2. its ok i didnt tell you lol

  3. i really like the hummingbird one
    if you ever want ideas on what to take a picture on go to my blog leave me a comment message or what ever and ill respond when ever i can

  4. Jo Bryant says:

    the shot of the bird is terrific…I love the abandon it shows

  5. Madhu says:

    That second shot is brilliant

    1. Thanks Madhu! I had cropped it to be a header image, I should have perhaps used the whole photo. But I do like it very much myself!

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