Weekly Photo Challenge- Everyday life

Everyday lives of people are so different, in different places and different situations. I loved the huge amount of possibilities this weeks photo challenge offers. There are so many other visuals I probably have. Everyday life, after all, is what we mostly live.

5 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge- Everyday life

  1. What an interesting facial expression on the woman passing the altered idols. May mean nothing. Love the contrast between the two passing humans and the two posed god(desses). Nice 🙂

    • I saw that expression too! It may mean nothing, but she definitely didn’t look too pleased about something. It could be that she was running late. Or she didn’t like the changes on the idols. Thanks so much!

  2. Your photography has a unique personal style that I really enjoy. The angles you shoot make it seem like I am walking alongside you through the streets. Looks casual but not an easy thing carry off. A great capture of feeling. Thx for the share.

    • Aww… thank you so very much!! thank you 🙂 you made my day!! I would very much like to have you walk beside me.. let me know when you do take the trip to India.. ( I am not in India anymore, but I my family is still there and I visit!)

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